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Second day of the Bolinao trip! This day was scheduled for the tours.

    First Morning at Puerto Del Sol Resort

    We woke up early, freshened up, had breakfast, and walked around the resort as we didn't have much time the previous day.

    There were now other guests but, as it was a Tuesday, the place still felt so much peaceful. Add to that the soothing soft music playing in the pool area and you have a relaxing April 1!

    Puerto Del Sol offers different types of accommodation. We stayed in a unit in Mansion Villa which had two beds, a television, a mini ref, and a nice bathroom.

    Outside the Mansion

    The Pool Area

    The Beach Area of Puerto Del Sol

    After the quick walk we headed to the La Playa to have breakfast.

    I missed pork so it was pork adobo for me!

    After eating, we prepared to leave for the tricycle adventures!

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