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Going to the beach is almost always a part of many Overseas Filipinos Workers' to-do list when going home for a vacation. It was time for my annual vacation and I started to look for a destination!

A coworker specifically suggested Puerto Del Sol in Bolinao, Pangasinan. This trip was extra special because it was my birthday!

    Checking In At Puerto Del Sor Resort

    The first of the three-days-two-nights stay in the resort was a Monday and the place had very few guests. We were guided to the reception and as part of the welcome, we were given shell necklaces.

    Afterwards, we were escorted to our room. It was already around five p.m. and many of the staff were busy tending the plants and cleaning around.

    Bolinao Sunset as seen from Puerto Del Sol

    After resting for a bit, we headed to the resort's beach to catch the sunset. Here are some of the photos I took from there:

    Bolinao Sunset

    Anna looking at the setting sun.

    Low tide and sunset.

    This is one of my most favorite photos from the trip.

    One more Bolinao sunset photo.


    Puerto del Sol's menu was admittedly pricey but within reasons, of course. I can't recall exactly the name of the dishes we ordered for dinner but we had a chopsuey and another one which was a squid dish. We also ordered melon and watermelon smoothies.

    After eating, we headed back to our room to rest for the next day's trips.

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