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Another thing you can do before you leave Bolinao is to visit the public market in the town proper.

    Bolinao Bamboo Cakes

    We could only bring a few extra items and we chose to buy the local delicacy bamboo cake and some dried fish.

    Bamboo cakes being sold just outside St. James the Great Parish.

    Bamboo cake, which is rice cooked inside a bamboo, tastes like suman

    Dried Seafood Products

    A wide variety of dried seafoods available in the market.

    What other products can be more abundant in Bolinao than seafoods. This should go perfectly delicious with fresh tomatoes and a warm scoop (or plateful!) of rice!


    So, this is the final post of the Bolinao 2014 series. Bolinao is definitely worth visiting and paying a second, too, for a more extensive exploration and perhaps better chance of taking better photographs and memories.

    Check the itinerary here: Bolinao Day Tour Itinerary: Traveling Bolinao Through Tricycle

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