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Calle Crisologo, the most famous street in the Vigan Heritage Village

City of Vigan. The capital of the province of Ilocos Sur in the northern part of the Philippines. Vigan is a World Heritage Site and is known for its Hispanic features and the cobblestone streets.

    A Calm Morning at the Calle Crisologo

    We reached Vigan before six in the morning, after about 7 hours from Manila. The sun was already up and as expected, the streets were no longer glowing yellow from the street lamps/lights, as usually depicted in pictures.

    Vigan is supposedly best seen during the wee hours when the stores are closed (there are plenty) and few people are on the streets. Dawn could be a great time, too, for the added dramatic sky colors.

    Old furniture displayed along the cobblestone street.

    Antiques displayed in front of a closed establishment along Calle Crisologo

    Walking along the old street.

    Plaza Salcedo Fountain

    One of the plazas in the area is the Plaza Salcedo, which is the central park. The plaza has a fountain system. As we were there in the morning, I could only imagine how a fountain show here would look like. One of the reasons to make sure you have plenty of time to experience Vigan.

    Plaza Salcedo and its fountain system.

    St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral

    A giant depiction of the Philippines on Plaza Salcedo. Across the plaza is the St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral.

    How cool is that giant map of the Philippines? The plaza is situated across the St. Paul's Cathedral, and is also surrounded by different establishments.




    This was just our first encounter with the old city. It would be lame if you don't see the area's beauty especially of the Calle Crisologo during the night.

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