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When in Yanbu, Al Madinah Region and when it comes to food, we, together with my housemates, sometimes indulge ourselves to more ‘sinful’ cravings --two of us have to watch over their blood pressure and cholesterol level. Or simply, we just want to treat ourselves once in a while as a reward for the hard work. (Or for working hard?)

    Fuddruckers Yanbu

    Yanbu has some good places to dine if you seek such treats and succumb to the comfort of great food. One of your choices is Fuddruckers.

    Fuddruckers specializes in hamburgers but it wasn’t the first thing that I tried. I’ve only eaten there a few times, and in every instance, I try to taste a different dish. Steak was my first. There are other dishes --burger, fish, and chicken – and come in fancy (gourmet) names I won’t memorize.

    Over time, I’ve collected photos on my phone of the dishes I’ve had.


    Price Range

    The price of the steaks ranges from 93 Saudi Riyals (PhP 1,113 or ~USD 25) to SR 149 (PhP 1,800 or ~USD 40). Quite expensive, really. In my very few experience eating steak in the Philippines (I don’t think there’s a Fuddruckers there yet), you can afford a good meal starting at one-third of that price. (But again, avoid comparing).

    Their Porterhouse Steak costs the most at SR 149, and I am more than satisfied with a Bone-In Rib Eye (SR 96), or a Bone-In Striploin Steak (SR 97). Or the one below, a Rib Eye Steak and Shrimp Platter (SR 79) whose serving is just right for my appetite.


    Well, before you are served with your order you may begin with the salad. As much as I want to avoid getting potato for the salad (it's heavy, you know, it is just so good I cannot).

    The World’s Greatest Hamburgers

    The hamburgers come in three sizes: 1/3, ½, and 2/3 pounds.

    Cowboy Burger

    I ordered my first heavyweight Fuddruckers burger -- 2/3 lb Cowboy Burger.

    “Charbroiled, glazed with chipotle BBQ sauce, topped with balsamic onion relish, and melted, cheddar cheese, served with mixed lettuce, sliced tomatoes and chipotle mayonnaise dressing on a freshly baked bun.”

    Other burgers available go by these aliases: Hot Rocks, Swiss Melt, The Works, SouthWest, Double Cheeseburger, Tumblweed, and Veggie Burger.


    1/3 lb – SR 42

    ½ lb – SR 46

    2/3 lb – SR 49

    Fish Fillet Platter

    I often mock my colleague for (always) ordering a fish meal every time we’re at Fuddruckers. I thought, we are here for the steaks or the burgers or anything M-E-A-T! Well, we have different choices, as they say, and I thought it was about time to experience fish myself. As a starter, I had a salmon steak.

    Fish platters start at SR 59 (Fish Fillet Platter).

    Aioli Fish & Shrimp Platter 

    The last one that I’ve actually had was the Aioli Fish & Shrimp Platter (SR 73).

    “Seasoned fish fillet, grilled to perfection, crowned with delicious sautéed shrimp, served with Aioli sauce, steamed vegetables, and your choice of another side (Baked potato, mashed potato, sweet corn, Fudds Fries, or French Fries) and Texas toast.”

    I must say I didn't expect the fish to be that great. I love shrimp, so needless to say, it was an additional treat! It was a bit bitin, though, because I wasn't really finished yet and was quite enjoying but we had to leave for the Ishaa prayer.

    Cajun Chicken Platter

    What is Saudi life without chicken? 

    Chicken every day, as they say.

    The chicken platters are more affordable like the fish dishes. Cajun Chicken Platter starts at SR 53, BBQ Rosemary Chicken is SR 57, the Chicken Tender Platter is available at SR 51, and the Grilled Chicken Platter at SR 52. I had the Cajun Chicken Platter just because ‘cajun’ sounds awesome and classy.

    "Two chicken breasts, seasoned with Cajun spices, charboiled to perfection, served with steamed vegetables and your choice of another side (baked potato, mashed potato, sweet corn, Fudds fries or French Fries), honey mustard dressing and Texas toast."

    For a change from the usual mashed potato, I tried the baked one.

    Chicken wraps and sandwiches are also available, for relatively lighter dishes.


    Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and Buffalo Chicken Wings are great but if you feel that you will have plenty of room, try the Appetizer Platter (SR 59) which is good for four. The platter comes with "chili cheese fries, crispy mozzarella cheese sticks, buffalo chicken wings, pizzaiola quesadilla (really goooood), onion rings, carrot and cucumber sticks, and the honey mustard and creamy ranch dressing for dipping." The calamari is also good.

    There are plenty of drinks to choose from but we are usually fine with iced tea which is refillable unlimited times (SR 8).

    Quality of Food

    Here now come my scores in general. Ratings are: Excellent, Very Good, Average, Poor, and Unacceptable.

    Overall quality of food:

    Taste – Excellent

    Portion size – Excellent

    Temperature – Very good

    Presentation – Very good

    Overall service:

    Friendliness of service – Excellent

    Speed of service – Very Good
    Server’s knowledge on the menu – Excellent

    Overall cleanliness:

    Restaurant – Excellent

    Restroom – Average

    Server’s appearance – Very Good

    Overall Menu Experience:

    Menu variety – Very Good

    Suitable for kids – Average

    Uniqueness of offerings – Very Good

    Ease of Understanding – Excellent

    Menu presentation – Excellent

    Overall likability – Excellent

    Value for money – Very Good!!!

    There are a few more I'd like to try from their menu especially the burgers but I am really invited by the other fish dishes.

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