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The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and an observer.

So it's been nine months already since the Ilocos trip with my friends from college and my girlfriend Anna. Time really runs so fast! And while I had been procrastinating (a.k.a. lazy, and also busy with work) to continue my log about it (see photos from our first stop in Vigan), my three-year old external hard drive crashed frying thousands of photos from as old as college days to everything I've taken this year. Good thing I've uploaded a few shots on tumblr and I also managed to take photos with my phone during the trip.

Late in July, we went to a trip to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. After leaving Laoag to have brunch, we reached the town of Burgos in Ilocos Norte by 1:30 pm.

The Wind Turbines of Burgos Wind Farm

Our first stop in Burgos was the Burgos Wind Farm. I personally didn't know about the Burgos Wind Farm --I thought 'Bangui' was the only wind farm in Ilocos-- so it was exciting to see some wind turbines beyond the hills from the road when we knew we were still in Burgos (Bangui is more or less 30 minutes away).

Wind turbines started to become visible from the horizon as we traveled towards Pagudpud. Unbeknownst to us, these wind turbines are part of the Burgos Wind Farm. We somehow instinctively took the road that leads towards these wind turbines. (Samsung Note 4 photo)

We found and took a road that we thought would lead to the wind turbines that are visible from the main highway, and eventually found ourselves surrounded by these engineering marvels.


We stopped by and took photos (and selfies, of course) by a bridge and then went on to see what's to see beyond.

A small herd of goats crossing the road in Burgos Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte

As it turned out, the place isn't only populated by a cute clan of goats. The few small establishments located by the end of the paved road and vehicles parked suggests that it's the place to rest, eat, or shop for souvenirs (I don't have pictures, though). Walking further into the shops, you will find a steep stairs leading down to a densely planted path which looks like an unkempt garden but greatly helps in providing shade.

A few more shops are located beyond the thicket. Some stalls sell souvenirs that depict the wind turbines, and some offer a variety of wide brim hats (or salakot in Tagalog) which are actually for rent. (Later you'll think it's better if you had brought your own.) At this point I realized we were already a few hundred meters away from the sea! The hats are for your protection from the sun in case you forgot to bring yours which you'll need for a long walk along the coast towards the real attraction. Ready your face towel for some intense sweating!

Kapurpurawan Rock Formations

The plants contrasting nicely with the white limestone and the blue sea and sky. Two people can be seen on the upper right of the photo, enjoying the view of the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation from a makeshift viewing deck.

We had no idea that we were going towards the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

We probably missed the signs on the way here because we had no idea where we were heading before finding this spot other than the wind turbines. We just wandered aimlessly. 

I am sure the place looks more interesting during the golden hour.

When you are by the shore, the view of the nearby hills and the wind turbines here and there was for me an entirely different viewing experience. The teeming green life and the cool blue sky and its reflection on the sea were quite relaxing. The sun's heat was nothing for the reward of the sight.

The Gang with the Rock Formation in the background

The view from the viewing deck. Somehow futuristic but still rustic, the Burgos wind turbines are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. (Samsung Note 4 photo)

Seeing the wind turbines real close was an awesome experience. I hope that the whole county would make use of this kind of energy source more in the future. Actually, a relatively new wind farm can be found in my home province, Rizal, situated in the town of Pililia, which I hope to visit it on our next vacation. Yes to renewable resources!

The place looks quite alive under the direct afternoon sun (with everything in high contrast) but it interests me too to see the place during the golden hour.

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