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A photo posted by Elriz Buenaventura (@elriz_) on

The Bangui Wind Farm is perhaps the most well-known wind farm in the Philippines, mainly for being the first of its kind in the country and notably for being installed on the shoreline, making it distinct from the usual elevated terrain installations. (Although, recently, the Pililla Wind Farm, which is in my home province, Rizal, is getting quite popular as well which I am hoping to visit in the future.)

    Tame Northern Giants

    After our adventures in Pagudpud, it was now time to visit the Bangui wind turbines and see them up close. Bangui wind farm is one of, if not the most famous destination in the northernmost part of the Philippines.

    A photo posted by Elriz Buenaventura (@elriz_) on

    Nobody from us actually knew how to get there, and instead of asking for directions from the locals, we followed the wanderlust in us and relied on the ever helpful Google and GPS. And, man, we did reach the wind turbines... eventually! Needless to say, the wanderlusts turned wanderlosts. (Lame.)

    With their enormous scale, their blades seem to rotate slowly and gently but these 20 giant structures are 'brought to life' by wind and are capable of producing electrical energy (uhm, as they are supposed to, you know).

    The first thirteen of the twenty wind turbines in Bangui Wind Farm. The wind turbines from Burgos are also clearly visible from this point.

    A photo posted by Elriz Buenaventura (@elriz_) on

    From the Bangui wind farm, the wind turbines from the neighboring town of Burgos can be seen
    towering on and from behind the hills.

    The scale of everything --vastness of the place and the extent of the view your eyes could reach, and the number of the wind turbines-- was a sight to behold. (Something to look back to to refresh from the Arabian desert scene.)

    How to Get to the Bangui Wind Farm

    The Bangui Wind Farm has a number of entry points from the Pan-Philippine Highway (Daang Maharlika Highway). If you don't follow directions, or simply the type that don't ask directions at all and all you want is to use your smartphone (because you're antisocial like that), here are some maps disected to tell you which ones to take.

    The path we took to the Bangui Wind Farm

    From the highway, we turned into a road that seemed to be leading to the wind turbines. We later on found ourselves in a narrow and bushy trail that was obviously not being used regularly by visitors.

    The right path... probably 

    The ‘real’ access roads lead right to the first six wind turbines and is on the western side (farther away from Pagudpud).

    When Coming From the West

    The first and most westerly road is the best to take when coming from Burgos, Ilocos Norte (map above).

    The second access road (map below) is convenient if you’re coming from the east/northeast (or from Pagudpud, in our case).

    We apparently took a more easterly road which led us close to the 14th wind turbine:

    A photo posted by Elriz Buenaventura (@elriz_) on

    The area past the beach is sandy (nabalahaw pa nga kami) but the ground where the wind turbines stand is covered in gravel (gravelly?).

    A photo posted by Elriz Buenaventura (@elriz_) on

    It was around two in the afternoon when we reached the place but the heavy clouds saved us from direct heat while adding some dramatic elements in the sky. We had to hurry though because aside from the looming rain, I was such a fool that I forgot my tripod in the hotel in Saud so we had to drive back, before continuing the road trip to Burgos (we were going to look for the Burgos Lighthouse!)

    Never forget the group pic and the jump shots!

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