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Seeing the woodcarvers in action in the Royal Thai Handicraft Center was nothing short of a breather after the elephant ride experience in the Damnoen Saduak Chang Puak Elephant Camp.

The Royal Thai Handicraft Center in Ratchaburi, Thailand is an institution where woodcarving, a Thai traditional art, is demonstrated and promoted. The center was a quiet place except for the sound of chisels and hammers that were somehow soothing.

    The Watchful Buddha

    But before you head to see the woodworkers in action, be sure to look for the Watchful Buddha by the entrance.

    Sculpted in bas relief on a Bo tree leaf, the face of the Lord Buddha, from the Tawarawadee era, is Specifically crafted so that the Lord Buddha's gaze appears to follow you from whatever angle you look at it. This sculpture conveys a sense of benevolence and protection over you and your family whatever you go for all the time. 

    Buddha images are highly revered by Buddhists, therefore, this sculpture should be in an appropriate elevated place.

    Here's a video I took, which is wobbly, but still gives the sense that the Buddha is following/looking at you as you walk from from one side to the other:

    Wood Carvings

    They make furniture and wood carvings out of teakwood. We barely explored the area and only looked at the immediate surroundings from the entrance.

    The artisans in this section were mostly working on intricate wood carvings on doors and other pieces of wood.

    Elephant Forest

    But the most notable was a panorama of a forest with elephants and other animals. The intricacy was just impressive.

    Look at these details. Insane depth, too. 

    A view from a different angle to show the varying depth.


    The Royal Thai Handicraft Center is located in Don Kruai, Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi 70130. 

    Here's the map:


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