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Japan has to be the most 'walkable' country I've been to. I mean, sure, you can walk in any city, but this country simply feels like the epitome of pedestrian/road safety.

I thought it was good to experience the rush right on our first morning.

From our hotel, guided by Google Maps, we walked towards the Imperial Palace East Gardens. The suggested routes usually take about 30 minutes.

But, of course, it took more than that because of the stops we had to have to take photos and look around.

I actually wrote a lot of stuff but ended up omitting them and instead put lots of photos from this particular walk.

I used a 50mm f/1.8 for these shots. I thought the lens was not conspicuous (as compared to the 18-135mm); I was a bit cautious with my shots trying not to be obtrusive so I played it safe and to feel and observe how okay the people are with somebody around taking photos.

Soooo, that's it. In general, this experience further proved just how clean the streets of Japan are, how orderly the Japanese are (despite some of them were really rushing), and how fashionable or neat they dress.

Hehe. I have yet to see people in my country riding bikes to work wearing suits (but that would be preposterous because of the traffic and heat and pollution! 😅😉😜)


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