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PASUGUAN NG PILIPINAS. The word embahada is derived from the Spanish embajada. I just learned here that pasuguan is the official Filipino translation for embassy.

I just completed the application for the passport renewal at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. Like many other document processing that is done online, the passport renewal seems hard and complicated at first. Thankfully, it gets easier with the help of friends and/or colleagues who went through the process ahead.

    Four Main Steps in Renewing Philippine Passport in Riyadh 

    Here's a step-by-step of how I actually did my application, from reservation of appointment to filling out the forms, to the actual submission and payment at the Philippine Embassy. (I am not so good in remembering instructions so I am writing this down for future reference and in case someone asks me.)

    1. Register online and set appointment.
    2. Download the form, fill out, and prepare the required documents.
    3. Visit the Philippine Embassy, pay, submit the documents and have your photo taken.
    4. Wait for the release.

    Continue reading for more detailed steps.

    Prepare the Requirements for Philippine Embassy Riyadh Passport Renewal 

    Here are the things you need to have or know to be able to renew your passport in the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh:

    1.  An approved appointment.

    2.  Personal appearance at the Philippine Embassy Riyadh

    3. Current (original) passport and photocopy of the information or data page (the one with your picture and details)

    4.  Filled out Form No.2 - Renewal Regular Passport Application (Adult)

    5.  A fee of 240 Saudi Riyals.

    Setting an Appointment for Passport Renewal

    1.   Visit the official website of Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (https://riyadhpe.dfa.gov.ph/).

    2.   Look for the "Passport Appointment" and click on it.

    Note: The website looks slightly different when viewed on a bigger screen like a laptop ('desktop view'), and on a smartphone ('mobile view'), and so the appearance and placement of the buttons will be different.

    Desktop view:

    Mobile View:

    3.   A new page will open which is the start of the ePassport Appointment System.

    4.   As this is your first time, you have to register first which will require an email address and a new password. Click on Register (can be seen on the left of the words "ePassport Appointment System") and provide a valid email address and a new password.

    Note: There should be a step for first-time users where you will fill out an online form with basic information like names, addresses, passport number, etc., so have these information ready.

    5.   Once registered, a new page will open that will show the available slots and days. I already finished the step so am not allowed to view this step anymore, but the steps in choosing your preferred appointment is pretty easy. Just choose the date and time (example: May 09, 2019, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM).

    6.   Once you confirmed your chosen date and time, it will send you an email verifying your successful appointment. Check your email and print it on a short bond paper.

    Email confirmation after the registration

    Downloading and Filling Out the Form

    1.   To download the form, go back to the website and (1) click the Downloads tab found on top of the page. Scroll down a little and (2) look for Form No.2 - Renewal Regular Passport Application (Adult) under the Passport section.

    You may click here: Form No.2 - Renewal Regular Passport Application (Adult) to download the form right away.

    2.   Print the form and fill out.

    3.   The instructions on the 2-page form are very simple and straightforward. Just be sure to write in bold letters (capital, not small letters) and use black or blue ink. I used blue since the form is already printed in black and writing in blue will make it easier to read by the encoder.

    4.   Also, you have to photocopy your current passport.

    You're done and just wait for the date of your appointment.

    Personal Appearance and Submission of Forms

    I was advised in advance, and it's true, that you can show up an at earlier time and get served ahead of your appointment time, as long as there isn't too many applicants and it's just an hour earlier than your actual appointment.

    1.   Check again that you have all the requirements:
    ✔️ Current (original) passport and photocopy of the information page (the one with your picture and details)
    ✔️ Filled out Form No.2 - Renewal Regular Passport Application (Adult)
    ✔️ The printed appointment confirmation from the email you received.
    ✔️ 240 Saudi Riyals

    2.   Go to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. (Address and location at the last part of this post).

    3.   Enter the gate, present the requirements to the security guard (not all of the staff there are Filipinos but everyone was very accommodating). After your name is found on the list, you will be given an ID pass and confirmation to proceed.

    4.   There are four easy steps once inside.
        a.  Verification (left side upon entering). Present your forms for checking. Takes 3-5 minutes.
        b.  Payment (right side from the entrance, first window). Pay 240 SAR to the cashier. It is easy to miss the Cashier window. I missed it and two other people asked me, too. First window, mamser! Takes 1-2 minutes.
        c.  Get Ticket Number (center, right at the Information Desk). This is taken from a machine in front of the Information desk and will be your call number. Takes 30 seconds from the cashier, lol.
        d.  Encoding and photograph (center towards the back of the Information Desk). Once your number is called, proceed to the counter, present your requirements, do fingerprint scans, verify the information the encoder typed, and have your photo taken, khalas. The encoding and picture took me less than 10 minutes, but the waiting for my turn was more than one hour.

    Wait for your Name

    That's it. I was told to visit the website and check for my name, about 30 days from this appointment.

    Update: My name is now in the list of the passports for release!

    I only found out that my name is already on the list when my colleague told me. It turns out, I am the first to be approved among the three of us who applied together. 

    It took about 45 days for me.

    Check the website for the list of names ready for the passport release:


    The list is very long so it's best to use the search function (press and hold the Ctrl+F if you're on a computer) and type your first name OR surname to easily check if your name is already listed.

    Philippine Embassy Passport Release and Retrieval

    Update 1: My passport is ready for release, as mentioned, but I am currently far away from Riyadh and can't go there to pick my passport anytime soon. The good thing is, after maybe two or 3 weeks, I will be passing through Riyadh on the way back to Al Khobar and will have the chance to get the passport personally (as opposed to my initial plan to have it delivered).

    Update 2: Read here for a detailed post on how I got my new passport:

    Easy Steps for Passport Release at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh

    Other Information

    Location and Contact Details of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh

    Address: P.O. Box 94366, Riyadh 11693, KSA
    Fax: (011) 488-3945
    Email: rype@riyadhpe.com
    For assistance to Saudi Nationals: 056 989 3301
    Consular: (011) 482-3816, (011) 482-3559

    Longer Validity

    The new passport will be valid for ten (10) long years. This would be my third passport and the first to be renewed outside the Philippines.

    I bothered to get a haircut but I noticed that the photography wasn't the best. (My colleague specifically said his face looked fat, lol.). Anyway, passport is important but we use it quite seldom, so who cares about the photo, right?

    Embassy on Wheels

    I have heard of the Consular Outreach Missions or Embassy on Wheels, where the embassy goes to places (Khobar is 4 hours away from Riyadh), but they seem to haven't laid their 2019 schedules yet as the website still and only shows the 2018 locations.


    The steps in renewing the passport are simple and easy to follow. Just be prepared with the information and requirements, the money, and arrange your transportation, and everything will be smooth. Note that there is no canteen inside the embassy but there's a vending machine where you can get refreshments and some light snacks, so eat something before going there especially if you're travelling far and don't want to spend some extra cash.



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