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Our first day in Japan ends in Odaiba, an island situated in Tokyo Bay. After exploring Shibuya, we headed to Odaiba primarily to see the Life Size Gundam Unicorn Statue outside the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and the Rainbow Bridge.

We put this last in our itinerary hoping to witness the rainbow colors of the Rainbow Bridge, but unfortunately the bridge wasn't showing its rainbow lights.

In case you missed it:

    5 Things to See When in Odaiba

    As a finale to our first day in Tokyo, we hit Odaiba in the afternoon after Shibuya. There are a number of places to go to or see in Odaiba, but we spent most of our time inside the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, strolling and inside the Gundam Base. 

    Thankfully, Odaiba just gets more attractive at night. There are four things you wouldn't want to miss when you're in Odaiba:

    1. The Daikanransha, or the "Giant Sky Wheel in Palette Town"
    2. Life Size Gundam Unicorn (plus the Gundam Base)
    3. Odaiba Statue of Liberty Replica
    4. Rainbow Bridge
    5. The Tokyo Bay

    Daikanransha (Giant Sky Wheel)

    Odaiba, Tokyo

    Although we didn't go there (not part of our itinerary), the giant Ferris wheel is so big you can see it from most parts of Odaiba. We saw it right after getting out of the train station. Accordingly, it is 115-meter high and offers a view of the Mount Fuji!

    Life Size Gundam Unicorn

    Gundam Unicorn, Odaiba, Tokyo

    Gundam Unicorn, Odaiba, Tokyo

    Gundam Unicorn, Odaiba, Tokyo

    I thought it was impressive the first time we saw it in the afternoon, but it was much more cooler (much cool, so wow) at night with its lights on.

    Odaiba Statue of Liberty Replica

    Statue of Liberty Replica, Odaiba, Tokyo

    Statue of Liberty Replica, Odaiba, Tokyo

    I've only seen the 'original' Statue of Liberty in pictures and videos but the replica in Odaiba looks almost the same. It is about 40 feet tall which is 1/7th of the one in New York.

    Odaiba Rainbow Bridge View

    Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tokyo

    Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tokyo

    The Rainbow Bridge's rainbow colors accordingly are only lit occasionally. The central part of the bridge has red, green and white lamps and which give the rainbow colors. The bridge is also open to pedestrian, if you want to walk through it. It connects Odaiba to the mainland Tokyo.

    Tokyo Bay

    Odaiba, Tokyo

    The shores of Odaiba offer a view of the Tokyo Bay. We headed towards the northern part of the island where the Rainbow Bridge can be seen.

    Odaiba, Tokyo

    Odaiba, Tokyo

    The area isn't very well lit, and as much as I want to say it's romantic to sit there and watch a cruise ship pass by, I wouldn't do it. It probably looks great during daytime, though.

    The shores and the waters were very dark so I took long exposure shots.

    Other Photos

    Odaiba, Tokyo

    Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tokyo

    Odaiba, Tokyo


    I find most parts of Odaiba very pleasant to do night/long exposure photography, if you're into it. I don't feel I'd enjoy photographing it that much during the day, but a leisure walk might be.

    Be Aware

    Also, be warned. We encountered something in the area that might be a form of scam.

    An Asian lady who looked like a Filipino approached us asking for some donations. She was speaking (or at least trying to) in a funny accent. She was saying the beneficiary (or something) is from Thailand. Although Anna might pass as a Korean, I am sure I look very Pinoy, but she kept talking to us in English. The reason I doubted her credibility (and therefore didn't give anything) was I believed I saw her earlier talking with another lady in Filipino!

    So, yeah. Be careful when you travel.

    It's time to go back to the hotel and rest for tomorrow's trip to Asakusa.

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