Easy Steps for Passport Release at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh

Getting the new passport is quite easy and fast.

My new passport had long been ready for release* but since we were assigned in a far place**, I had it planned to just get the new passport when we return to Khobar and drop by the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh first.

*I first attempted to write this article in August 2019 right after getting the new passport but didn't finish it for some reason, and it's only now January 2020 that I got to finish it.

**We were on a job assignment for 7 weeks in Jeddah, Yanbu, and Dawadmi.

      Passport Release at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh

      1. Upon entering the embassy, proceed to the table (there are two) to your right and sign on the Releasing Log Sheet. Write down your name, company name, contact number, Iqama number, signature and time in. There will be a staff who will assist you.

      2. An ID will be given to you which you must wear. Proceed to the main building.

      3. Skip the Information Desk. No need to get a queue number and head directly to Window 8.

      4. Now. There are two windows for Window 8. Proceed to the one with the 'RELEASING SIGN' and put your old passport together with the receipt in a tray by the window and wait at the waiting area.

      Note: Window 8.1 is for the old passport and receipt, and window 8.2 is for the actual releasing of the new passport.

      It took 10 minutes before my name was called. It depends on the number of passports collected on the tray before the staff starts looking for the passports.

      5. Once your name is called, proceed to window 8.2 and get your passport. The staff will ask you to read and confirm that all details is correct. Once confirmed, the staff will ask you to sign on the release form while your old passport is being punched with holes. That's it!

      Mabrook! Congratulations! You have your new passport!

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      New Look of the Philippine Passport

      I had seen the inside of the new Philippine passport. The prints on the pages are a nice change from the old one. Now the pages are printed with various Philippine landmarks like the Patapat Viaduct, Malacañan Palace, Banaue Rice Terraces, and many more, and the insides of the front and back covers are printed with a portrait of the Philippine eagle and a green turtle, respectively.

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