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I never thought applying and paying for the Saudi exit and re-entry visa is that easy as long as you have access to SADAD which should be the case if you have a Saudi bank account.

I was guided by someone who knows the procedure very well because he frequently applies for a visa himself for his frequent visit to Bahrain (before the pandemic hit). And, yes, I was applying this time for a visa on my own because Bahrain here I come! And that's for another story!

    Who this post is for

    You probably are in Saudi Arabia and are planning to apply for an exit and re-entry visa which is issued if you are going to leave the Kingdom with the intention of coming back again within the allowed period of time. 

    At least in our company, exit and re-entry visas for employees going for vacation (annual leave) are processed by the administration office. However, I've heard that in some companies, employees themselves process their visas. (And this is the reason why I just learned to do this recently.)

    What you need 

    Pretty much, if you're a legal resident of Saudi Arabia, that is, a holder of iqama or the resident ID, you would have the following:

    1. Iqama ID
    2. Saudi bank account and access to the online banking (with 200 riyals)
    3. Your phone that receives the OTP for this bank

    In my case and in this post, I used my SNB or Saudi National Bank account. Other Saudi banks should have the SADAD option as well.

    Steps in paying for Exit and Re-entry Visa

    First of all, log in on your online banking account. For SNB users, it is also called AlAhli account. Here's the link: https://new.alahlionline.com/ui/#/login/full-login-login. Note that you will need to enter OTP. 
    1. Once you're logged in, locate the menu for SADAD on the left side. Click on it to show the menu under it.


    2.  Under the SADAD, click on Government Payments & Refunds and click it.

    3. The Pay Government Payment will display. Under the Biller, select Alien Control.

    4. The next option will appear which is the Service. Select Issue Exit Re-entry visa (single).



    A new set of required fields will appear.

    5. Select either Registered or Unregistered in the Type option. In my case, I selected Unregistered for me to be able to manually input my Iqama ID.

    6. Input your Iqama ID in the next box.

    7. Under the Visa Duration, select the number of days you wish your visa will be valid for. I selected 60.

    8. Once all these fields are filled, click on REQUEST PAYMENT FEE.