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Welcome to my blog! This journal reflects my experiences, mainly the places I have traveled to, foods that I have tasted, my appreciation for nature, and my interest in photography. 

I work in Saudi Arabia for about eleven months a year and get to travel somewhere else during the annual vacation. I also get to roam locally and (a few times in the past, overseas) because of work. 

Hope you enjoy your visit!


My name is Elriz Buenaventura and I am a Filipino currently based in 🏷️Saudi Arabia.

I am a Communications Engineer by profession.

Before I was moved here in the Kingdom, I was first assigned to roam within Metro Manila and the neighboring towns/cities. Geared with binoculars, GPS, magnetic compass, and a point and shoot camera, I was usually on vacant lots, rooftops of residential houses and skyscrapers, on top of cell site towers, and some other places doing site surveys.

That's basically how I got more into going places and taking photos. (Thank you, first job!)


Work has brought me to places I never thought I would be able to go to. Even going here in Saudi Arabia wasn't really in my wildest dreams, but work brought me here and now am an expat for almost eight years!

Now, working here opened new opportunities (thank you, current job!)

Back in May 2013, I had the opportunity to travel to Aberdeen, Scotland, and in two occasions, to United Arab Emirates, first in 2013 and the second in 2017.

My first leisure travel abroad was in 🏷️Thailand (2016) and the most recent, 🏷️Japan (2017 and 2020).

Not so much yet, but the experiences, lessons, and memories from these places are countless and really priceless.

🏷️Philippines, of course, must be always on the bucket list during each annual vacation.

🏷️Saudi Arabia has lots of interesting places to go to only if you have the time and the desire.


I take a lot of photographs and have been taking snapshots since Nokia phone days! I think everyone in one way or the other had been fascinated by those tiny cameras on their phones.

I especially got more interested in taking photos when I worked in the Philippines (as mentioned) where I roamed inside and outisde Metro Manila, circa 2009-2011, and captured whatever I liked using the work point and shoot camera (Olympus).

In 2012, I bought a DSLR which I still use today.

Then I try to write.

I talk a lot in my head because I am not fluent in expressing myself verbally. I tend to jumble words (even in my native tongue) especially whenever I try to tell someone a story.

Since I can edit when writing, I find expressing through blogging convenient and the first (and helpful) step in developing my communication skills.

That, and to have some stories I could look back to when I am old and can't travel anymore (hope this site would still be around), is why I write.

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